PAACT – Adult Program

The Autism Society of Mahoning Valley’s
Career and Life Skills Program

Our vision for the future is our PAACT program to assist adults with much needed employment and life skills needs. We have started to raise money for this program, but need more financial support to begin. If you are interested in donating towards this program or are a business interested in working with us please email us at

The PAACT Program will create Person-Centered Employment & Community Integration:

The Autism Society of the Mahoning Valley wants to launch a first of its kind in our 3-county region, direct service, adult provider program. 1 in 59 children born in the US will be diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). According to the, “The number of adults with autism diagnoses is soaring, but there aren’t enough programs and services to meet the demand.” This program will help fill that tremendous need. We will provide inclusive, person-centered programming that supports the unique goals of our individuals on their journey to live the most independent and fulfilling lives possible.

Employment Services:

As a “work-first” agency, we believe everyone can and should be able to work if they so choose. We support this belief through proven, best-practice methods, utilizing the Discovery & Customization Process. The underlying approach is simple: match the unique skills & preferences of an individual with the unique needs of a compatible employer. The true success is in the fact that we are not just a placement agency, but rather we provide long-term, ongoing support to both the individual and the employer as needed. We also support the efforts of those interested in self-employment.

Community Integrated Day Habilitation Services:

We want our individuals to live full, rewarding lives that go beyond the workplace. We support meaningful, functional, community integration efforts for all of our individuals on a regular basis. Some individuals may not be ready to work, may not want to work, or may utilize these supports around their work schedule. Programming is designed to be fluid and work naturally in conjunction with our employment supports. Some skills and opportunities provided both at our facility and in the community include:

●       Social Skills Development ●       Travel Training
●       Self-Advocacy ●       Recreational Enjoyment
●       Arts & Culture ●       Health & Fitness
●       Volunteering ●       Internships

For more info, contact: