Schools and Autism Scholarship Providers


Once a child reaches the age of 3, your local education agency will assist in the transition to the public school-based Early Childhood Program.  If a child has not participated in a “Birth to 3” program or is over the age of 3 families should contact their local or county special education program to enroll their child in the local school-based program.  Some parents prefer to homeschool their young children with autism until they feel they are ready for a group setting.  Some choose to explore alternative schools utilizing the Autism Scholarship Program.  Read more about the Autism Scholarship Program and find Autism Scholarship Providers in your area.


All public schools must provide services for children with ASD from ages 3 through 21.  The public school must evaluate your child for a suspected disability, develop an appropriate educational plan and provide related services as indicated by the evaluation.  The role of the evaluation is to identify if an educational disability exists, not to make a medical diagnosis.  The educational evaluation team must include a professional with knowledge and experience in the area of autism.  A child must have an educational evaluation to receive services in the public schools.  Learn more about educational evaluations …

The Autism Society of Mahoning Valley recommends parents look into all of their options for schooling for their child on the spectrum.  Options include: your school district or other school districts that offer open enrolment, private or parochial schools that offer special needs services, and autism only private schools through the Autism Scholarship Program.

School Based Resources
– Universal support materials that provide guidance for completing the ETR and IEP forms and other basic IDEA guidance –

– Special Education Department Local Ratings and Compliance Reports –