Autism Society of Mahoning Valley's
2020 Autism Teacher Mini Grant Application

2020 Teacher Mini Grant online applications will be through July 31, 2020. Grants will be awarded in early August through and selected by the: Autism Society of Mahoning Valley Board of Directors. Teachers should put their personal email address and/or cell phone number so that they can be contacted directly with any questions and/or if selected as a winner. Application must be submitted by the teacher. Parents should share with their teachers. Please contact the Autism Society of Mahoning Valley with any questions at 330-333-9609 or

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What types of programs that could be provided by the Autism Society of Mahoning Valley or their partners do you feel would be helpful for your students and/or their caregivers?

Tell us about your funding request. Please be specific about the requested item/service and how this item meets the needs and goals of your students with autism, and the estimated expense. Include any additional information that may be helpful in our decision.
*Summary of Project or Program (Please limit to one half page):

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I will take a photo of myself with items purchased for the class;
and that this photo will be featured in the press release announcing grant winners; and in other social media.

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