Young Adult Resources

College, Employment & Adult Resources:

–  OAR’s “College Guide for Students with ASDFree downloadable 88 page guide with information on tips for attending college, employment and other adult issues.

OAR’s College Central – Scroll to the bottom of this page for information on Self Advocacy, Academics, Campus Life and Career & Money Hubs –

OAR’s  Life Journey Through Autism series provides information about autism and the transition to adulthood – Order or download copy –

OAR’s  Understanding Autism: An Employer’s Guide –  An Employer’s Guide to help first-line supervisors understand, welcome, train, and support young adults with autism in the workplace by outlining five keys to success – Order or download copy –

Hire Autism Business Partners – This is currently a Northern Virginia project, but its our hope that this program or similar will be adopted in our area as well.  If you know of an employment or other program that may be interested in heading a program we would be happy to help –

Scholarship Opportunities – Read through to the bottom of the page, there are scholarships listed on the bottom of the page –