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Advocacy, Mothers and More

April was a very busy month for me and all of us at the Autism Society of Mahoning Valley. We organized 5 events for our families, 4 fundraisers with local businesses, and sponsored or partnered with 5 events with other non-profits and county developmental disabilities organizations.  With all of these events, we created more opportunities for our families to attend, learn, raise needed funds, and create more acceptance of individuals with autism. 

 I was also able to respond to a post on a local Facebook group called Boardman Talk.  The group page talks about local news, new restaurants, etc., but this post was about a hotel selling and an autism center possibly being the new owner.  One person in the group had such a harsh and mean reaction to this. So this was an opportunity to shed light on the need for more autism centers, more therapy, and more social opportunities for individuals with autism and their families. A simple way to advocate, but this information out to those who may not be affected by autism is very important to me.  |

Also, because it’s May and I’m a mom to two beautiful boys with autism I just want to say a very happy Mother’s Day to all of our amazing moms.  I’ve talked this month to moms who have been on the autism journey for a long time and still need resources for their older children or adult children and I’ve helped new moms who just got their autism diagnosis and connected them with not only our programs but as many programs, therapy resources, and school needs as I can.  I look back to when my now 15-year-old teen son was diagnosed over 10 years ago and how much more is available to new autism families.  I’m proud to be a small part of that increase, along with so many other parents, therapists, teachers, and business professionals helping to make a difference.  In 10 years, I want to look back and be overwhelmed by how much further the Mahoning Valley is with supporting the needs of individuals with autism.  

Ready to help?! Contact me and be a volunteer, be a business supporter, be a respite care provider to help families, so many ways to not only support but to Be the Difference!-Robin SuzelisDirector, Autism Society Mahoning Valley