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Autism creates its own version of madness –

 I’m not sure how it is March already, while it seems like it’s been a long winter at the same time. By this point, we are all going stir crazy and need some warm weather to make us feel a little better.  For parents raising children with autism, we are feeling our own kind of March Madness. 

At home, I’m trying to figure out how to organize all the clutter.  I have two boys with autism, ages 10 and 15.  We have therapy at home for one or both 5 days a week. So, we have supply overload.  I even had to give up my coat closet to store therapy supplies.  It really has taken over our home most days, but it is helping both of our boys so much.  Madness! 

Then there is food.  My oldest has a very limited diet so we have to keep an extra amount of his foods in stock at all times.  My youngest is a good eater overall but has to have certain foods and drinks as part of his routine.  Madness! 

My husband and I work hard, take care of the boys and try to find a few minutes to rest and spend time together.  We can only fill their cups if our cup isn’t empty. Always madness! 

The ASMV big annual event, Mahoning Valley Warrior, is very personal to my family. My husband and I started a small 5K many years ago as an autism society third-party fundraiser then I got involved as a volunteer. Then we added the Support Walk and a Special Needs Resource Fair. Then I became the Board President and we added more entertainment to celebrate the families. Finally, in 2019 we added Warrior to the event. Positive madness!  

Support local families like mine and Be a Warrior. Start your Warrior Team Today! Help us to create even more connections to advocacy, resources, and services so that the Mahoning Valley Autism community can live fully. We can all achieve more and, with your support, ASMV can do more for the community! Register at:

As always, don’t hesitate to email, call, or text me with any questions that you have or any resources that you need. 

Robin Suzelis, Director
Autism Society of Mahoning Valley