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Back to School — A New Beginning

For many, back to school is just the start of the school year. For us it’s the start of the year. The focus on the kids is what academics are they doing well with? How do we make sure their academics are functional too? What skills do we need to focus on? How do we improve their communication skills? How do we improve their functional self care needs? 

We also always evaluate if they are in the best school for them at this time.  We don’t want to put them in a school just because it’s easier for us. Being a parent with a child or even more fun, two children with autism we have to be a part of their school team.  We have to keep communication open and let the teachers and therapists know that we want them to be creative with their teaching and we expect our kids to learn a lot. We also let them know that we will work with our boys at home especially with their self care needs, keeping them on good bedtime routines, feeding them healthy foods and making sure they have great healthcare and therapy providers.  That’s our job as parents.

I hope all of our family’s kids have a great start to their new year.  For mom and dad, hopefully a little rest is on its way, as I know summer is so tough to provide childcare and work and get a minute to yourself.  

Robin Suzelis, Director

Autism Society of Mahoning Valley