By Robin Suzelis, Director

Pictured: Robin Suzelis, Director, and her family

When you have children with autism, every day seems to have its challenges, but the holiday season can really take it up a notch. 

As a mom of two boys with autism, ages 12 and 17 years, I have learned to simplify a little more every year not to be overwhelmed. Here’s a few of my lessons learned:

What all kids need is to be loved by patient and caring parents. The gift of our time and attention is always the best gift. So take a trip to their favorite store or restaurant or stay home to cuddle on the couch, watch a fun holiday movie, or bake cookies with them. 

If you are looking for a few more ideas, check out this video 

Here are some tips and resources to help make your holiday season a little easier and brighter.  3 Ways to Brighten Your Loved One’s Holiday Season – Video with some great tips for the holidays and year-round