Robin and her boys

As we embrace the month of February, traditionally associated with expressions of love through valentines, flowers, and chocolates, I reflect on a different dimension of love – profound and unconditional. As a parent of two wonderful autistic sons, February is a celebration of the immeasurable love that knows no bounds.

Being an autism parent means dedicating more of myself – more time, more patience, and, above all, an overflow of love and support. Beyond my own family, I also hold deep care for all individuals on the autism spectrum and their families. Over the years, I’ve witnessed the growth of children attending our events into resilient teens and young adults. Through their triumphs, I’ve celebrated with them, and I’ve been moved to tears during their struggles.

I recently received a heartfelt message from a fellow mom who resonated with the sentiments shared in our January newsletter. Her words touched me deeply, highlighting the shared experiences that bind us together:

“I just read what you wrote in the January email. I feel like you were in my exact world as I read that, and we are going through similar challenges as an Autism family. You said some years you celebrate the big things, and some years are not great. That is what we are going through and it’s nice to see other people go through things just like us. What really stuck with me was that your son was 17 and can not express himself. My son is 12, and I think he wants to say more, but he just can’t…thank you for being an advocate for autistic children.”

To my fellow autism moms, dads, and grandparents, let us continue to shower our children with boundless love and patience. To those who stand with us in support, please recognize that the autism journey is demanding, and we are tirelessly working to create more programs and opportunities for local families. Together, let us shower autism families with the love and understanding they deserve.

Wishing you all a February filled with warmth and love.