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Self-Care for All

Youngstown Click interviewed Robin at the finish line of the Ursuline Sisters’ Nun Run

Our kids are only as strong as we are.  We need to stay physically and mentally healthy for ourselves and for them.  As we start to reflect on this year and look forward to 2023, set some goals for yourself and then figure out how you can get there step by step. 

When I talk about self-care it’s not all about beauty, although getting my hair colored and cut always makes me feel better.  For me, it’s going to the chiropractor, acupuncturist, or naturopathic doctor as needed. I always feel so good after.  

When the boys headed back to school in September I decided to work more on my physical health and resolved to start walking and jogging again.  My goal was to complete a 5K by my 48 birthday.  Thanks to the Nun Run I had a smaller, local 5K to achieve my goal and it was actually on my birthday.  I didn’t clock my best time ever, but I jogged, walked, and completed it. Goal met! 

Parents and caregivers raising and caring for individuals with autism of all ages struggle with balancing their children’s needs while taking care of their own. We are here to help! In 1965, the Autism Society was founded by people like you to support and advocate for families living and caring for individuals on the spectrum. That mission remains true today! 

Please let me know if there is something I can do to help your family.

Robin Suzelis, Director
Autism Society of Mahoning Valley

Robin at the Nun Run 5K