Philanthropy has an impact like no other gesture. Your donation, whether it is your time, talent or a monetary gift, makes a difference in every camper's summer camp opportunity. Every child deserves to have a summer camp' experience and your generous gift can help make that happen for so children in the Mahoning Valley.

There are many ways to support Camp F.R.I.E.N.D. Gifts may be unrestricted in use, or you may specify that your gift be targeted to a particular program or purpose. However you choose to give, you can be assured that your generosity will help greatly and have a positive impact on a child's summer camp experience and build wonderful memories for the child and their family.

As a corporate sponsor, you are helping children living with an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis experience a week of fun and friendship they'll never forget! In addition, your business or organization will be invited to visit camp on the last day and spend time with a very special group of children. And, you'll see for yourself the joy that your support of camp creates.