These are tentative groups. We will adjust groups based on the ages of those who register.

4-8 Friendship
Camp is a wonderful time to make long lasting friendships, but being a good friend does not just come naturally. Practicing the skills with young children that build friendships will create a strong foundation for lifelong healthy relationships. Various daily activities for this age group will focus on sharing, identifying and understanding feelings and emotions, trying new things that may be fun, and cooperation. These specific skills will be cultivated and help break the rigidity so many of us are in!

9-12 Teamwork
Learning to work together and be a team player is something needed in many situations. From passing the ball to sharing the workload, we often have to work together. Specific skills such as cooperation, compromise, and empathy will be practiced throughout various activities with this group. From the basketball court to the pool to the art room, specific skills will be explained and practiced through fun and games!

13-19 Leadership & Community Integration
Ever looked at a board game and thought: that is supposed to be fun? Well, learning to have fun while playing games is a lifelong skill that will help build relationships and foster cooperation and respect. This group will focus on exploring different games: games we know how to play and those we do not know how to play. This will be done to build leisure skills and relationship building.

There are so many social conventions when in public, it is hard to keep track. From restaurant norms to common courtesies, many of us are unaware of the rules in the public sphere without learning them directly. This group will focus on various community locations and what is expected and not when you go out in public, and then they will go! Learning and reviewing social conventions and then practicing them is the key to building a strong social skills repertoire!