Events may change, but this is a good example of types of events that were part of our 2016 Camp FRIEND. 2022 Events will be up soon!

The community will play a key role again at the 3rd Annual Camp F.R.I.E.N.D. through coordinated special events each day. This year Artful Expeditions with Kristen, New Middletown Police Department & Friends, Gymsters, and Bunnies in Baskets will come to camp and share experiences with the campers. The campers will also venture out into the community to OhWow! The Roger & Gloria Jones Children's Center for Science & Technology, Camelot Bowling Lanes, One Hot Cookie, The Butler Art Museum, Boardman Park, Chick Fil A and the Youngstown Public Library. In addition, the campers will explore the Youngstown State University campus utilizing their gym, swimming pool and talking walks in close proximity. Integrating the community with qualified staff and visual and behavior supports is central to the camps approach.

In the past, a puppeteer, collegiate athletes and minor league hockey players, emergency service personnel, therapy animals (torts and bunnies), as well as Jungle Terry have come to camp and share experiences with the campers. The campers have ventured out to travel to the OH! Wow Museum of Science and Technology as well as to a mini golf course to integrate skills learned into a fun natural setting.