Does your company or another member of your family's company have a donation "matching" program? Camp F.R.I.E.N.D. works with businesses to provide information needed to be a recipient of these types of programs. Check with your employer and let us know if you need anything to make this happen! It's a great way to support the camp!

SPONSOR A CAMPER $99 per Camper
Even in tough times, kids need a chance to be kids. Camp F.R.I.E.N.D. Unfortunately the financial demands on families living with a child on the spectrum are substantial. It is not unusual for our families to spend an average of $60,000 a year caring for a child or adult with autism. These demands make it tough, especially for our low-income families to take part in this type of rite of passage experience. Please consider giving a deserving child a gift of summer camp - a full week of adventure and fun - that they otherwise could not afford. Giving this special gift is easy to do and personally rewarding.

We have a wish list of supplies and items that alleviates some of the funding from supplies so we can focus more on the campers and their camp experience. Please review the list below and see if you might be able to provide any of these items for us:
• velcro
• laminating sheets
• markers
• art supplies: glue sticks, child scissors, construction paper
• soft balls
• small toys to figit with • board games ages 3 and up
• clip boards
• snacks: water, juice boxes, chips
• plastic plates
• clorox wipes
• baby wipes
• plastic ware
• plastic cups
• napkins
• paper towels
• timers
• measuring cups
• first aid kit
• rubbermaid containers