Do all campers that register get accepted?
Our camp director will review each individual camper application and then will talk with caregiver(s) to better understand campers needs if necessary. We want to make sure we can care for the child or teen and identify if additional supports may be needed. We also want to make sure we allow for a varied group of ages and abilities.

Do we have to live in Mahoning County?
You do not have to live in Mahoning County, but do need to live in one of the 3 counties we serve which are Mahoning, Trumbull and Columbiana counties. Some financial aid may be attached to where you live.

How do you pay for camp?
There are four ways that camp be paid for:
1. Private pay
2. Camp can be an ESY provider for your child, inquire with your school district.
3. Financial aid may be available, it will depend on grant funding received and any additional business sponsorships we receive for the Camp year.
4. Board of developmental disabilities may be able to help you find proper funding for summer programming

Do parent have to come?
Parents are to drop off their children and know they are in the most capable hands with leading behavioral therapists, registered behavior technicians and intervention specialists. They should use this time as respite, to care for their other children or work. They are encouraged to contact their camp leaders if they have any concerns.

What does my child have to bring?
A packed lunch, snacks, swim wear, change of clothes (or more if needed) and toileting items if needed. We will provide chips, juice boxes and bottled water only, so please pack anything additional.

Does my child have to do every activity?
Camp FRIEND believes that individualized supports need to be designed for each child, if you have any questions, please contact your camp teacher or the camp director. We do require that campers that register attend the entire week of Camp due to their being a waiting list for campers.

Does my child have to have autism?
While this camp is catered to the evidence based practices for children with autism and related disabilities, these supports often benefit many children with disabilities. We will consider all applicants with a disability but priority will be given to individuals with autism.

My child is high functioning, is this a good place for them?
The compassionate peer model is especially beneficial for children struggling with social skills. If you have specific questions, please contact your camp teacher or the camp director.

How can I prepare my child to attend camp?
There will be an orientation when your child can be introduced to the environment, meet their teacher and some of the volunteers. There will also be a social narrative for parents to read to their child to prepare them for camp.